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New Drop | Kimono | Rumpus Model

The brand new Rumpus Model white Gi is a limited edition release.

Classy and clean but still stands out with its four shades of brown, earthy feel and a stylish look.

Available in Adult (male or female) and kids sizes, the Rumpus Gi is IBJJf competition legal and features:


450gsm Pearl Weave Plus Jacket. 10oz Rip-Stop Pants.

Kids: 350gsm Pearl Weave Jacket.

8oz Rip-Stop Pants.


Rip-Stop gi bag. Fitted cut. Pre-Shrunk. IBJJF standard.

PS: Check out our Stocky sizes (X Sizes) for those built a bit thicker, and our Tall (Long) sizes for those with extra height!


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